my first impression of devan was he was loud, obnoxious, and what i would call a “fuck boy”. i felt like after spending a good solid half hour with him, where he played the music i wanted to listen to and asked me about myself, he obviously wanted one thing from me. after that awkward, […]

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christopher my sweet baby angel

i’ve known christopher his whole life practically, he’s my little cousin. i saw him every year during the holidays, i have pictures of us together through every phase in our lives. outside of playing with each other on holidays, we didn’t really know each other though. i remember when my dad called me and told […]

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gundarf the magical wizard

when i first met gunnar, he was so quiet – i couldn’t quite decide if he hated me or if he was just weird and awkward. well, it was a little of the awkward but all that our friendship needed was a little time. it started with us sitting next to each other on the […]

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