“it was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” i never understood that tale of two cities quote when i read it in the 9th grade. i was too interested in passing notes and trying to get boys to like me. at twenty three, i couldn’t think of a phrase that better […]

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choosing life

from the time i was about fourteen until i was twenty, death was definitely a companion of mine. the thought of being dead or dying was always there, lingering in the back of my head. i felt like i couldn’t handle all of the emotions in my head and i truly believed that everyone’s life […]

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rolling down the mountain

i’ve been finding myself rolling down the mountain that i’ve been trying to conquer. depending on the day, i let gravity just roll me down and sometimes i give it all my might to make it back to the bottom. it wasn’t like i wanted to regress – i just wanted to stop giving so […]

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25 march 2016

today at the vet, we were trying to decide how to measure puppy energy. “bouncing biscuit units,” the doctor says. “kausi measured 1000 bbu’s at the vet today,” i played along. after a genuine chuckle, “you’re very witty. are you a writer?” i wanted to answer yes. i mean, after all, i do want to […]

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