25 march 2016

today at the vet, we were trying to decide how to measure puppy energy. “bouncing biscuit units,” the doctor says.
“kausi measured 1000 bbu’s at the vet today,” i played along.
after a genuine chuckle, “you’re very witty. are you a writer?” i wanted to answer yes. i mean, after all, i do want to blog about my journey to self-enlightenment for someone out there to read. i shook my head and we continued to talk about kausi.

sometimes, i forget that i’m enjoyable. i think that it stems from the fact that maybe i don’t enjoy myself as much as i need to. i need to realize that i’m funny and enjoyable to be around. i don’t need to hide my personality and walk on eggshells anywhere i go.
i really hold myself back and i don’t know why. i started this blog and then stopped because who in reality is ever going to read this. but it’s not about who reads it, its about me being able to share what i want to about my journey.

i matter. my voice matters.





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