gundarf the magical wizard

when i first met gunnar, he was so quiet – i couldn’t quite decide if he hated me or if he was just weird and awkward. well, it was a little of the awkward but all that our friendship needed was a little time. it started with us sitting next to each other on the couch, looking at tumblr. i’d show him pictures i thought were funny and he’d laugh, we did this for hours. now, when i have bad days sometimes gunnar is the only person that knows what to say. he gets me on a level no one else does. we just have this quiet understand, that if we need to talk about anything, we’re always here no matter what time.

he’s helped me on the days i felt worthless and laying in the dark was the only thing that kept me from freaking out. he gave me the encouragement to kiss my boyfriend for the first time.

i remember the night i knew gunnar was in my spiritual family – it was new years. of course, party at my house. things were a little tense with the boys and i overheard them say something about me not wanting to spend time with them while i sat waiting for them to come out of the bedroom. i told them that i felt i was the only one that put forth an effort to spend time together and i walked outside. that night, me and gunnar made a promise that every wednesday we’d hang out and watch anime together. and still in july every wednesday we watch anime, unless i’m dumb and reschedule or pass out. i do that a lot, pass out while watching anime with gunnar. but he never gets mad when the next week he has to catch me up to date, he just accepts that i fall asleep when i sit in front of the tv.

i would never trade gunnar for anything. he’s selective about who he shows his light to, but he’s shown me his light. and he’s so beautiful, the world will never know anything like him. i’m so glad the universe put him in my life to be in my family.


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